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Collaborative Food Security in Saanich

September 25, 2023 Media Release

Saanich, BC - Saanich Volunteer Services Society is working to support food security in Saanich through an innovative partnership with Heart to Home Meals.

Local charity, Saanich Volunteer Services Society has been helping support Saanich residents at risk of losing their ability to live independently for more than 31 years. With increasing costs for even the most basic groceries, food security concerns are on the rise, especially for those that live on fixed incomes. Saanich Volunteer Services Society and their partners have been delivering meals and food hampers for decades and the Society was in position given funding from United Way BC and Beacon Community Services, to launch a new project to support Saanich residents by partnering with Heart to Home Meals, a Vancouver Island business providing affordable, nutritious meals, delivered right to the door.

Saanich Volunteer Services Society will work with Heart to Home Meals distributing much needed meals to 200 local area residents in need of assistance.

"There are a limited number of supports for the community when it comes to accessing food, so we are pleased to continue exploring innovative solutions to the increasingly complex food security issue affecting our community and its residents. Working with Heart to Home Meals is one of the many ways we work to bring food to those that need it while also introducing an additional food option that is available in the community," said Mario Siciliano, Executive Director of Saanich Volunteer Services Society.

Heart to Home Meals Victoria is a local franchise of a pan-Canadian company bringing nutritious meals to thousands of Vancouver Island residents each year. As a part of this effort each person participating in the program receives six meals and two desserts delivered right to their door free of charge to help people manage their food needs, while also introducing them to a potential affordable option that they can access on their own in the future, if needed. Saanich Volunteer Services Society is looking to raise more funds to help keep the effort going year-round. All their services are supported through funding partners and community donations, and they could not do the work that they do without donors stepping forward. To that end, Heart to Home Meals has made a $2,000.00 donation to Saanich Volunteer Services Society.

"We are honoured to be partnering with Saanich Volunteer Services Society to help bring our meals to even more people that need them. For those that need a little help, we are pleased to support Saanich Volunteer Services financially so that they can keep doing their great work," said Scott Downton, owner of Heart to Home Meals Victoria.

Visit for more information, to volunteer, or to donate and help a neighbour out today.

To find out more about Heart to Home Meals, visit

MEDIA CONTACT: Mario Siciliano, Executive Director, Saanich Volunteer Services Society, 250-595-8008 ext. 121

Saanich Volunteer Services Society is a registered charitable organization with a Vision of Neighbours Helping Neighbours and a Mission to promote independent living and enhance the quality of life for Saanich residents by providing coordinated volunteer services and connections to community resources. We serve clients aged 19 years and older, at risk of losing their ability to live independently, by offering an array of services including access to food, transportation, home-based services, opportunities to socialize and connect with other community members, access to resources, information and help navigating government and community supports.

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Heart to Home Meals believes life should get easier as you age. That's why we've created a service with your lifestyle, tastes, and nutrition in mind. Order online or by phone and one of our friendly, trusted members of our delivery team will deliver your meals straight to your door. When it comes to nutrition, our team of experts work tirelessly to ensure we're always providing the best to our customers. Our Consultant Dietitian has worked closely with our chefs to develop a framework for delicious meals that help support the nutritional needs of seniors. Our menu includes a wide variety of entrees including beef, chicken, pork, fish, vegetarian and breakfast options. We have several soups to start and tempting desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our diet coding system was created to help you choose the meals that meet your dietary needs for high protein, low carbohydrates and/or saturated fat, low sodium,, high fibre, vegetarian, and/or no added sugar. Find out more at


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