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Staff Directory

In addition to all the volunteers who support our organization's mission, Saanich Volunteer Services Society runs on a small team of dedicated staff

Linda Dawson Reid, Client Services Coordinator

(250) 595-8008 Ext. 126 

Linda is a social worker with more than 25 years social work experience working in community based non-profit organizations in Canada and Great Britain. She has a strong belief in the importance of community service and in the work done by non-profit organizations.

Linda is committed to providing quality service to SVSS clients and facilitates the monthly Macular Degeneration Support Group meetings.


MJ Cousins, Coordinator of Volunteers

MJ knows a lot about the business of volunteering. She volunteered and worked at the YM-YWCA in Kamloops for 15 years. She left her position of assistant executive director at the Y to go back to school for a degree in marketing and HR.

MJ has lived in Victoria for the past five years and has volunteered for organizations such as Jazz Fest and Kidsport. She brings a lot of experience to the Office Coordinator’s position and we welcome her to our team.

DSC09606 - Bethea.jpg

Beth Penny, Coordinator Assistant

Beth joined SVSS in the Spring of 2020. She started by helping SVSS get online during the pandemic lockdown through her marketing content consultancy, Baetli. 

She is now assisting with various technology-based projects around the office. Check out our YouTube channel to see some of her videography!


Janet Mathews, Bookkeeper


exec dir turnbull_edited.jpg

Carol Turnbull, Executive Director

Introducing Carol Turnbull, who is our new Executive Director at Saanich Volunteer Services Society. She comes to us with a decade of experience in a similar role with another Victoria non-profit organization, and she is dedicated to making a positive impact in the non-profit sector.

Carol holds a degree in social work from the University of Victoria and is currently adding to her skill set with a certification in gerontology from Toronto Metropolitan University. But beyond her qualifications, what truly stands out is her genuine passion for community service.  She's not just here to lead. She's here to collaborate closely with our amazing volunteers, dedicated board members, and hardworking staff to create and provide programming and services to support and uplift our Saanich community. 

Here's to new beginnings and making a difference together!


Olivia Page, Client Service Coordinator

(250) 595-8008 Ext. 126

We are so sorry to share that Olivia is leaving our little organization. 


Olivia joined the Saanich Volunteer Services team with enthusiasm to begin helping our Saanich area clients.  With her smile and curious demeanor, she enjoyed meeting clients and volunteers alike. We are going to miss her greatly even after such a short time.  We wish Olivia peace for her future and luck going forward and we hope she can come back to have tea with us and look at the mountains anytime. 

We know it can be hard to change from one client coordinator to another for our clients and volunteers,  and yet, life happens to all of us.  We are encouraged by the fact that each person who has been in the client coordinator role has provided us with new information and insights.  We are all learning how to transition with grace, whether staying or going, and we hope our clients and volunteers can understand and support us through these waves of transformation. 

In the meantime, if you have queries about our organization and what we offer clients or if you have questions about services you receive, please email '' or call us at 250-595-8008. 

Caroline Head Shot Orange smaller.jpg

Caroline Herbert, Coordinator of Volunteers

(250) 595-8008 Ext. 127 

Caroline has spent many years as a professional volunteer manager and is a member of Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada. A long-time volunteer, she has been on numerous non-profit boards, and she has spent many years leading volunteers and implementing successful events that contribute to the local community. She happily returns to Saanich Volunteer Services Society with 5 more years of experience, as well as energy and insight to share. Caroline is married with 2 grown boys who are making their way in the world but she is not quite yet an empty nester.

Erin Office Coordinator_edited.jpg

Erin Lumley, Office Coordinator

(250) 595-8008 Ext. 125

Erin's role at Saanich Volunteer Services Society is to help smooth the road for all.  She may edit the website, talk to various outside professionals for help with onsite materials or services, or speak with folks as a receptionist.  She has had a varied career having taught children and practiced law for many years.  When she is not playing video games with her 17 year old son or walking her dogs, she can be found reading books and writing the occasional poem.


Janet Mathews, Bookkeeper


I am a busy mother of 2 grown children and 1 pre-teen plus 3 international home-stay students. My hobbies include cooking (luckily!), gardening and hiking (which is lucky for my dog who also loves hiking).

As a Bookkeeper/Payroll Officer, SVSS shares me with: Our Place Society, and Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association, and SoozSports (another Saanich based organization). I am proud to represent such an essential and nurturing organization as SVSS.

Also the gorgeous country setting of the office does something wonderful for my historical imagination. I love that it feeds my creative spirit which rarely gets a break in the midst of all this number crunching! Thank you SVSS! Here's to many more years of service!


Pyper, off-site Mascot

Pyper, the golden retriever, is a sometimes visitor to our office. Her person, Greg, spoils her with Cedar Hill Golf Course wanders regularly. We see her especially when Peggy is at our office.  Peggy is the biscuit queen and Pyper knows that. She pays for her treats with the joy she inspires by petting her soft coat and seeing her panting smiles.

NOTE: All our onsite and offsite mascots are friendly and supervised appropriately.

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