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Carol Kachanoski, VAC Member

Carol Kachanoski, Volunteer Advisory Council Member

I retired in 2019 from working with ICBC Driver Services for 25 years. After my retirement my concern was ‘oh what to do with all my spare time and experience?’  I found Saanich Volunteer Services Society to volunteer with and now I’m exploring a role on the Volunteer Advisory Council.


SVSS was unknown to me in 2020 when covid struck and turned our world inside out.  The B.C. Government requested volunteers to shop for seniors living alone. Newly retired, not quite sure how to use up all that spare time, of course I applied. They connected me with SVSS. I am still one of a few volunteers who continue to help some grandfathered clients with this program that is presently under review.


My first full time job was with White Spot Restaurants for 25 years before my ICBC profession. During my time with White Spot working as a manager at different locations, I met my husband. We were married and two years into our marriage we were transferred to Victoria. We raised our family in Victoria including two boys, who now have their own careers and families. Unfortunately, my husband passed away in 2018.


With my experience in hospitality and as a Client Service Representative / driver examiner while also being a senior myself, I have a lot of life experience to offer the Volunteer Advisory Council. Having volunteers from different areas in SVSS on the council helps us all understand how to better support SVSS’ clients’ needs as well as fulfilling the important roles and responsibilities associated with VAC.  I look forward to being a long-term volunteer with SVSS.

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