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Thank you to Olivia, our Outgoing Client Service Coordinator

We are so sorry to share that Olivia is leaving our little organization. 

Olivia joined the Saanich Volunteer Services team with enthusiasm to begin helping our Saanich area clients.  With her smile and curious demeanor, she enjoyed meeting clients and volunteers alike. We are going to miss her greatly even after such a short time.  We wish Olivia peace for her future and luck going forward and we hope she can come back to have tea with us and look at the mountains anytime. 

We know it can be hard to change from one client coordinator to another for our clients and volunteers,  and yet, life happens to all of us.  We are encouraged by the fact that each person who has been in the client coordinator role has provided us with new information and insights. We are all learning how to transition with grace, whether staying or going, and we hope our clients and volunteers can understand and support us through these waves of transformation. 

In the meantime, if you have queries about our organization and what we offer clients or if you have questions about services you receive, please email '' or call us at 250-595-8008. 


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