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Our Mad Hatter Tea Party Social, a New Tradition at Saanich Volunteer Services Society

Updated: May 28

The World Health Organization in 2023 reported here that social isolation and loneliness is as comparably important to health outcomes as other issues like obesity and smoking. At SVSS we hope to make a healthy impact on our Saanich residents by creating programming that people can enjoy with each other. Sparking friendships is our hope!

Carol Turnbull, Sharon Parker and Caroline Herbert have all collaborated to build a cooperative venture between our long term volunteers, our new volunteers and our clients in order to bring some fun social interactions to the landscape at McCrae House, located at 1445 Ocean View Road.

The inaugural Mad Hatter Tea Party Social was on April 10, 2024. At that time a group of volunteers and clients gathered to share ideas about how this Tea Party could be enjoyed into the future. As each progressive Tea Party occurs, the main indicator of how enjoyable it has been is the noise level. The Saanich Volunteer Services Society receptionists on Wednesday afternoons during these Tea Parties deserve a prize for working through the hilarity without dropping the phones and joining in.

Volunteers, clients, and staff have all enjoyed lively conversation and delectable treats. As we move into late spring and summer we hope the Mad Hatter Social Tea Party becomes a routine. It happens twice a month at McCrae House. Come join in on the second and fourth Wednesdays each month between 2pm and 3:30 pm. We welcome all and, if it's too crowded, we can spill into our yard! See you next time: Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 2pm.

Louise with Delores, sporting her Mad Hatter's  'Getup'.

Volunteers and clients getting to know one another over tea, coffee and biscuits

Caroline's beautiful flower bouquet to brighten anyone's day

Volunteers: Tracy, Sunny, Lyane and Dori

Tea Party Team: Dolores, Joan, Anita, Betty, Shirley and Barb


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