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Meet Martin Bache, Volunteer "Handyman"

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Martin Bache, Volunteer Handyman

Martin Bache volunteers with SVSS doing minor home repairs, yard work, and is a member of our Volunteer Advisory Council. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, he used to work in project management for the construction industry. In 2015 he retired and moved from Vancouver to Victoria.

He has always enjoyed carpentry and gardening as hobbies and often helps out family member with house repairs, so it seemed a natural transition to volunteer doing the things he loves, and get to meet interesting people along the way.

“I have the bonus of meeting some wonderful people with decades of wisdom. Talking to them is amazing,” says Bache, when discussing his time with SVSS. “Some of the ladies I’ve met have incredible stories of being in Europe during the war.”

He goes on to describe how much he appreciates the “depths of history” that SVSS clients have shared with him while he is on the job volunteering.

Martin with Doryce, and SVSS client

Martin has a small, fenced in garden, protected from the deer, and appreciates gardening and how it, along with carpentry, provides an opportunity for light exercise on a regular basis. In the fall, SVSS kept him busy helping clients manage their yards.

Some of the home repair projects he has enjoyed doing for SVSS include repairing the door

framing of a tool shed, exterior house painting, and relinking a drainage down spout. Right now he is also working on a deck and tree management for his own family members in Victoria.

When not volunteering with SVSS, Martin does home renovations for family members and enjoys cycling, car mechanics, and carpentry as

retirement hobbies.

Want to learn more about Martin? He is featured in two of our videos:

SVSS is following all mandated protocols and doing our best to keep you safe. As such, our volunteers are currently only able to provide support for exterior and contactless services. If you have the need for light exterior home repair or yard-work, let us know by calling (250) 595-8008 and we will put you in touch with a volunteer like Martin.


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