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Seasonal Closures, Nature Lovers and Volunteer Advocates

Today our executive director, Carol Turnbull, snapped a picture of a local volunteer hard at work stashing acorns for all the neighbourhood foragers. Winter is the time for creating comfortable nooks with food and drink to enjoy as the darkest day approaches.

We at SVSS are animal lovers and volunteerism advocates. We hope you'll stop by before December 22 in order to sit on our porch or inside to have some light conversation while waiting for our lovely animal neighbours to make an appearance.

We are closed from December 23 to January 1 inclusive, and in the New Year we will have new programming to inspire and interest those who may wish to participate. We look forward to serving Saanich with wonderful volunteers who are committed to being neighbours helping neighbours again in 2024. In the meantime,enjoy this season, whatever it may mean to you.


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