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Ron Gibbons, VAC Member

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Ron Gibbons, Volunteer Advisory Council Member

I’ve been married to my wife Judy for 45 years. We both grew up in North Vancouver, and moved to Victoria a year after we were married, when Judy graduated from Pharmacy at UBC.

We have two daughters, one of whom lives in Kamloops with her family, and works as an RN. Our other daughter is a teacher who lives with her family in Almere, Holland. We have four grandchildren, two in Kamloops and two in Holland.

I first worked five years in mining exploration in western Canada, the US, and Australia. Following this I spent five more years drilling water wells and installing pump systems, followed in turn by twenty-three years as an accounting clerk and customer service representative for a local manufacturing company. During this time, I also acquired my industrial first aid certificate, and served as first aid attendant and coordinator for the company. This in turn led to my decision to become a BCAS paramedic and unit chief at Port Renfrew for ten years until my retirement. Before joining BCAS I volunteered for five years with St. John Ambulance as a first aid attendant at community events


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