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Mondays aren't always horrible...

Today we welcomed our newest maintenance volunteer!

This crow made a wonderful start to some shiny, clean gutters and likely made a meal of the job, too!

Saanich Volunteer Services Society shares space on the Cedar Hill Golf Course with many people and animals. Some critters are wild, like frogs and this crow, and others are more domesticated, like all the lovely dogs walking the track with their owners. Some dogs find treats when they visit us. Many dogs are regulars as they come with staff and volunteers.

We also have moments when animals are where they shouldn't be... Like today...

This little fluff of puffiness got lost in our vestibule today. Erin, our Office Coordinator, tried to herd it out gently. She tried to leave our door open so it could find its way to freedom. Neither option worked.

The experts were brought in and Carol, our Executive Director, took some paper towel to gently cup the bird to help it find outside. She remembers helping her grandfather catch canaries in his outdoor aviary. Here she is with the cutie, just at the second before it flew away.

All in all, Mondays here can be pretty interesting.

We welcome our animal friends and any humans who might like to wander in to have a word with our friendly volunteer receptionists and/or staff.

See you on another fabulous Monday, or any other day of the week, from 9am to 4 pm.


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