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Maintaining Positive Mental Health

Tips for maintaining positive mental health from our Client Services Coordinator, Linda Dawson Reid

In the long, dark days of winter and isolated during this pandemic, it can be challenging to keep our spirits up.

Here is a suggested 5-step daily routine for positive mental and physical health:

  1. Sleep – good sleep hygiene is very important for our overall health and can be so elusive for so many. Going to bed and getting up at the same time is a good start toward positive sleep habits. A cool, dark room with few distractions can also help.

  2. Stretch – getting the body to move. You do not need any special equipment and you can do it from a chair if you prefer.

  3. Sun – this can be tricky in our West Coast winter. If you can, get outside for even 15 minutes. Bundle up and go out on your balcony or deck. If you cannot get outside sit in the brightest window you have. This will also help you sleep well.

  4. Shower – if you suffer from dry skin, showering every day may not be good for you, but having a cleansing routine that you do every day is positive for your mental well being.

  5. Specific – have something specific to accomplish each day – this can be something very small or part of a larger project.

Feeling a little blue?

Try this quick brain trick to change your mood in less than 5 minutes:

Close your eyes for a moment and think about a happy event or one of your happiest memories and really fill in the details: colours, sounds, smells, textures and most importantly how this memory makes you feel – happy, light. Breath in. Open your eyes and check in to see how you are feeling. It really is quite amazing!

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