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Liz McCarter, Director

Liz McCarter, Board Member

Liz was born and raised in Victoria. She was encouraged by her parents to explore other parts of Canada for university - graduating from the University of Waterloo, with an Honours Degree, in Therapeutic Recreation in 1990.

Liz began her career in Toronto before moving back to Victoria. She has been working with Island Health for 26+ years. Currently, Liz is a Coordinator with the Restorative Health and Yakimovich Wellness Centre.

As a recreation therapist, Liz worked with clients to engage in meaningful activity of their choice either in their home or in community and has seen firsthand the positive impact volunteers have on individual and groups lives.

Liz learned from her older brother, that volunteering is about something that brings you joy, is of interest to you and brings meaning into your life. She believes that volunteering in the community adds value to her life as she meets new people, is a part of creating healthy and vital communities and has fun along the way. Liz is excited to continue be a Director on the Board of the Saanich Volunteer Services Society.

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