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Grocery Shopping Bus Program

The shopping bus is a way to help seniors with their

shopping and make new friends

We have made adjustments to meet safety requirements

"I am Janet Kirkpatrick, the owner/operator of Coastal Companion and my 20 passenger wheelchair accessible bus. My little company primarily takes seniors in care homes and other facilities on scenic tours around Greater Victoria. In addition to this, I pick up seniors from their homes, or another meeting place, and take them to shopping centres. I enjoy the friendships that develop out of my business as we tour around and share this beautiful area we are fortunate to live in."

Sue, Volunteer

"I have been part of the shopping bus since the beginning and meeting these folks has so wonderfully enriched my life. The friendships made and the stories shared over coffee after shopping have been a highlight for everyone involved." -Sue, Volunteer

Mary, Volunteer

"I have been a volunteer with Saanich Volunteers for 15 years. One day they asked me if I would like to join the Shopping Bus and help the seniors with whatever they need. Around 2017 I had my first ride on the bus and what a wonderful experience. I have met so many

clients as well as two other volunteers [Sue & Antoinette]. We pick up the clients on a bus run and then to Walmart where Sue, Antoinette and I assist the clients. After our shopping is done, we meet at McDonalds in the store. This is the time to chat with these wonderful people. This Christmas we went on a run to see all the wonderful decorations and then stop for a coffee or

whatever they like. Oh yes, I got them singing Christmas carols. We have created long friendships with all, and I love it. When the day is over, I go home with a big smile and I wish we could do it more often." –Mary, Volunteer

Grocery Bus Clients

"The SVSS shopping bus excursion is the highlight of the week for us. Not only do we get the weekly shopping done, with all the help we need, we also get to know like-minded people.

To meet others is extremely important for every one’s mental well-being. We look forward to our weekly adventure, combining pleasure with the necessities of life."

- Sven Erik, Client

Antoinette, Volunteer

"The shopping bus gives back to seniors and is a joy to everyone!"

— Antoinette, volunteer

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