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Getting Food During Lockdown: Affordable Meal Services in Victoria

For many of us, this pandemic has become a time to get creative at home and try out new recipes, but there are other options out there if you are not cooking all your own meals.

Affordable Meal Services

Better Meals

$6.75 per meal


Casalinga Foods

$5.00 & up per meal


Chef On The Run

$6.95 & up per meal


Fit Fix Café

$10-15 per meal


Red Cedar Café

Free Non-Profit Service


W.O.L.F. Meal Prep

$8 & up (a-la-carte)


You Chef You

$8.50 & up (a-la-carte)


Our Services

We miss seeing your friendly faces on our weekly grocery shopping bus, but we want to make sure you are safe, so we have partnered with and Beacon Community Services for a new, contactless way for you to get your ingredients during the lockdown. We also work with the local food banks to help seniors by arranging a monthly pre-filled hamper delivered to you by one of our volunteers. If you are interested in having one of our fantastic SVSS volunteers pick up your groceries, give us a ring at (250) 595-8008 or email Linda at


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