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Nathan Zhang, Board Treasurer

Nathan Zhang, Board Treasurer

Nathan is a Chartered Professional Accountant currently working for the BC Ministry of Finance on the Lekwungen territories (Victoria). He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Victoria and professional certificates from various institutions in leadership as well as strategic and financial management.

Nathan originally joined the Saanich Volunteer Services Society in fall, 2019 and served as Board Treasurer for a two-year term until June 2019. During this term, Nathan worked closely with the Board to support significant change management efforts and financial sustainability planning. As a returning Board Treasurer, he is excited to again work with the Saanich Volunteer Services Society Board to advance its financial resilience and celebrate its achievements with all volunteers.

Nathan also served as Treasurer of the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival Association for three years until October 2020. During his tenure with the Festival, Nathan led the finance committee and provided ongoing oversight on the management and financial health of the festival. Nathan also previously served as a strata board treasurer, provided patient support at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, and acted as an accountant for a local non-profit organization.

In his spare time, Nathan enjoys reading, running, and hiking. He also has a great passion for travelling the world and exploring new cultures.


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