Saanich Volunteer Services Society

Becoming a Client


Any adult who is living independently within the Municipality of Saanich may be eligible. More information can be found on the Client Services page.


Self referral, health care referral, or community referral by phone, fax, or e-mail are accepted. Upon referral telephone contact will be made to confirm eligibility followed by a home visit to complete the  registration for services.

Registration Process

A home visit by the Client Services Coordinator is required for registration.  The visit will include a discussion of assistance required and information will be shared on other available community services. Personal data, emergency contacts, and information on health, mobility, and other support services being received are collected during the registration process. 

To register as a client or for information about eligibility for services 
please contact:

Client Services Coordinator

Linda Dawson Reid 

250-595-8008 ext 126

Client Testimonials


“This is a note of appreciation for my volunteer.  She has been so loyal, helpful and devoted.  She is indeed an invaluable friend.  I am most grateful for her help and practical wisdom and judgement.  Thank you for matching her up with me.”


“Thank you very much for your volunteer’s help in fixing my cupboard door.  He went to no end of trouble to do it with great patience.  The shop he finally took it to donated new hinges when he told them he was a Saanich volunteer which kept the cost to a minimum.”

Testimonial 5

“The rides are not just a benefit to my mother they help our family to maintain our lives and continue to work and still allow my mother to remain at home.  The rides are a strategic part of our short term plan to keep our mother at home as long as we can.  Two years ago my mother would never get in a car with a stranger.  She kicked and fought and protested even going to the Lodge.  Now the relationships that she has built there are every important to her.”


“My heartfelt thank you to you all for the drives, arranging appointments with volunteers, all the lovely and helpful volunteers and for shopping assistance.  I couldn’t have managed.  I would like you to know that you are in my heart and prayers, Sincerely, Cecilia.”


“Please accept my sincere thanks for the many ways your organization continues to help and support me.  Income tax, rides, handy man help and gardening.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.  Your appreciative client, Elli.”


“Thanks so much for arranging a ride home from hospital for me.  Barry was there as arranged and I really appreciated his help and the services your volunteers provide.  Sincerely, Maggie.”


“I want to express my deepest thanks for you for sending Donna to help me with an impossible task, coping with my garden.  She was fabulous; she worked so very hard and brought my garden back into shape like it’s never been before, a beautiful sight to see. My neighbours are all full of praises.  I look out at my back garden with such pleasure now, instead of horror for the state it was in. It’s a wonderful programme implemented for seniors, you are to be congratulated for such a programme.”