You want to help but don’t know where to start.  Well, look no further – we have the solution right here. There are many volunteer opportunities at SVSS and any one of them will contribute to a Saanich resident’s well-being and will never go unappreciated.

Start by taking a look at the volunteer opportunities and services we offer our clients. They include: driving, visiting, gardening, minor home repair, income tax form completion, phone visitation, shopping assistant, help with computer programs, packing and sorting and other one of tasks that a client needs help with.

You may want to fill in an application form, or you can complete it during our interview. Call the office at 250-595-8008 to book an appointment for a personal interview with our Coordinator of Volunteers.  Interviews usually take about 20 minutes to discuss your interests and review our information package.

You will be required to allow us to submit a criminal record check authorization. Criminal record checks are mandatory for all our volunteers.  Once we have received your record check and we’ve called your references you’re ready to help a neighbour. It’s as easy as that.  Welcome to the SVSS Volunteer Team!

Please print and complete the following  Volunteer Application Form (PDF) and return to us via mail or drop in to our office.
Or please fill out the electronic form below.

Saanich Volunteer Services Society
1445 Ocean View Road
Victoria, BC V8P 1J8
Telephone 250-595-8008 Fax 250-595-8005

First Name:
Last Name:
Known As:
Middle Initial:
Gender (M/F)
Birth Date:
Phone Type Area Code/Number


2nd Language: Write/Speak

Health Concerns, do you have any health concerns which may affect your volunteer work?

If Yes, please explain:
Reason for Volunteering:
Volunteer Experience:
Work Experience & Education:
Are you willing to assist clients with complex needs
How did you hear about the organization?

  Reference 1 (non-family) Reference 2 (non-family) Emergency Contact

How often would you like to volunteer?
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Availabilty Commnets:
General Commnets:
Complete if volunteering to drive:
License #:  Once Week
Car Type:  More Often
Year:  Wheelchair
# Doors:  Walker
Driving Comments:

Have you ever had a criminal conviction for which you have not been pardoned?
 Yes   No


I consent to a criminal record check. I also consent to a driver’s abstract if I have offered to drive.

I recognize that participation as a volunteer cannot be guaranteed.

I understand that my acceptance as a volunteer with Saanich Volunteer Services Society will be at the discretion of the coordinator of volunteers and staff of the agency.


I will respect confidential information that I am given regarding Saanich Volunteer Services Society and regarding persons involved with Saanich Volunteer Services Society including clients, volunteers, donors, staff and others involved.


Saanich Volunteer Services Society collects information from you to assist us for the purpose of providing volunteer services. The information we collect is treated as confidential and is only disclosed for the above purpose.

Enter your name as a digital signature:

Date Signed:

Service options

Activity : Drives Medical  Yes
Activity : Drives Miscellaneous  Yes
Activity : Drives Weekend & Eve  Yes
Activity : Form Assistance  Yes
Activity : Gardening  Yes
Activity : Help with Computers  Yes
Activity : Income Tax  Yes
Activity : Macular Degeneration Group  Yes
Activity : Mending/Sewing  Yes
Activity : Miscellaneous  Yes
Activity : Mustard Seed Pickup  Yes
Activity : New Client Visits  Yes
Activity : On the Go Again  Yes
Activity : Pack/Organize/Sort  Yes
Activity : Play Cards  Yes
Activity : Play Chess  Yes
Activity : Play Cribbage  Yes
Activity : Play Piano  Yes
Activity : Play Scrabble  Yes
Activity : Push Wheelchairs  Yes
Activity : Reassurance Phone Calls  Yes
Activity : Reading  Yes
Activity : Referral  Yes
Activity : Repairs  Yes
Activity : Repairs Electric  Yes
Activity : Repairs Painting  Yes
Activity : Repairs Plumbing  Yes
Activity : Shopping Assistance  Yes
Activity : Swimming  Yes
Activity : Taxi Picture  Yes
Activity : Tutoring  Yes
Activility: Companion Visiting  Yes
Activity: walking  Yes
Activity : Writing  Yes
Support : Accounting  Yes
Support : Board Interested  Yes
Support : Board Member  Yes
Service : Computer  Yes
Support : Special Events  Yes
Support : Fundraising  Yes
Support : Newsletter  Yes
Support : Office Miscellaneous  Yes
Support : Photographer  Yes
Support : Publicity  Yes
Support : Office Reception  Yes
Support : Training  Yes
Support : Workshops  Yes

 I agree to participate in training in order to understand the diversity of the SVSS clients. This will include Orientation, Communication Workshops and Driver’s Workshops where applicable.

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