Saanich Volunteer Services Society

Volunteer Services

Companion Visiting: As a Volunteer, you would be matched with a Client based on common interests or hobbies, perhaps similar backgrounds or something more specific such as a mutual enjoyment of walking or the pleasure in a good cup of tea. Ideally you’d visit or go on an outing once a week. The day and time of the visit, as well as the activity shared, is decided by you and the client.

Supported Transportation: Volunteers drive Saanich residents safely to and from appointments. Rides are usually to medical, dental, optometry, physiotherapy, hospital and emergency appointments. On occasion, we may take a client to a social engagement.

Reception and Office Support: Interested in answering client phone calls, coordinating driving referrals, doing filing or stuffing envelopes? If so, a role as one of our valued receptionists might be just the volunteer position you’d enjoy.

Income Tax: Volunteers attend a training seminar through Canada Revenue Agency and use their own computer to assist low-income clients with simple income tax completion. Appointments can be made for returns to be done at the office, clients can drop off their information for volunteers to pick up and do at their convenience, or, occasionally, the volunteer goes to the client’s home. This is a seasonal position, February through April.

Minor Home Repairs: If replacing out-of-reach light bulbs, putting up or taking down curtain rods, or fixing a leaky tap or stuck door/drawer leaves you feeling a sense of accomplishment, then this could be the role for you. These are all jobs that Saanich Volunteers do to help clients. We accept minor, small repairs and refer clients if a professional is required.

Community and Social Events: Do you enjoy preparing for and/or attending events? Volunteers are always needed to assist staff both in preparing for and representing SVSS at community events and day activities.

Board and Volunteer Advisory Council Member: Volunteers are welcome to apply to become Board and Volunteer Advisory Council members.

Grocery Hamper Delivery: Volunteer drivers pick up and deliver client grocery hampers weekly.

Grocery Bus Shopping: As a volunteer, you would assist clients on the weekly bus trip to the grocery store and at the shopping centre—both a social and very practical role.

Yard Work and Gardening: Pulling weeds, doing minor pruning, tidying up the yard or digging a small vegetable or flower garden are all ways our wonderful Volunteers help their Saanich neighbours. Clients provide the gardening tools.

Companion Phone Calls: Brighten someone's day without leaving the house! Volunteers call a client once or twice a week to alleviate boredom and loneliness and check on their well-being. Chatting with someone with a caring voice can brighten up a client’s day, while fitting easily into the volunteers' busy schedule!

Companionship and Walking: A neighbourhood stroll to enjoy the outdoor sights and sounds is, for some of our Saanich neighbours, only possible with a volunteer’s assistance. Saanich Volunteers’ clients frequently need a companion to encourage them to walk and to ensure their safety, because walkers, canes and occasionally wheelchairs may be involved. Walking with a friend lifts the spirit and soothes the soul.

Other: Volunteers can donate time to assist clients organizing closets, using computers and doing other tasks clients can’t manage on their own. Reasonable client requests are always considered, and done if a volunteer is available.