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You want to volunteer but don’t know where to start.  Look no further – we have the solution right here.  There are many volunteer roles at SVSS and any one of them will contribute to a Saanich resident’s well-being and will never go unappreciated.


Volunteers provide personal assistance, driving Saanich residents safely to and from appointments. Rides are usually to medical, dental, optometry, physiotherapy, hospital and emergency appointments.  On occasion we may take a client to a social engagement. Volunteers drive when their schedule permits. Clients are expected to call at least 3 days in advance of their appointment, providing us with time to schedule a driver. We will check ICBC for a clear driving record for the past 5 years, no special insurance is necessary.  Some mileage reimbursement is available, however, when possible, volunteers are encouraged to donate these monies back to the agency in exchange for an income tax receipt.


Clients and volunteers are matched based on common interests or hobbies, perhaps similar backgrounds or something more specific such as a mutual enjoyment of walking or the pleasure in a good cup of tea.  A visit or outing once a week is encouraged, the day and time of the visit as well as the activity shared, is decided upon by both client and volunteer.


Volunteers on an on-call basis go to a client’s home to replace out of reach light bulbs, put up or take down curtain rods, bookshelves, fix a leaky tap, a broken lamp, stuck doors, drawers etc.   We usually accept minor, small jobs, and refer the client if  a professional is required.


Cutting the grass, pulling the weeds, performing minor pruning, raking leaves, tidying up the yard, digging a vegetable or flower garden are all ways Saanich volunteers help their neighbours   Clients provide the gardening equipment when possible and volunteers help ensure their yard looks its best.


Volunteers call a Saanich resident once or twice a week to alleviate boredom and loneliness and check on their well-being.  Chatting with someone with a caring voice can brighten up a client’s day and volunteers don’t even have to leave the house!


Saanich clients frequently need a companion to ensure their safety whether walking for pleasure or therapy.  A neighbourhood stroll to enjoy the sights may only be possible with a volunteer’s assistance as walkers, canes and occasionally wheelchairs may be involved.  Walking with a friend is an activity that lifts the spirit and soothes the soul.


Volunteers attend a training seminar annually through Canada Revenue Agency and use their own computer to assist low-income clients with simple income tax completion.  Appointments can be made for returns to be done at the office, clients can drop off their information for volunteers to pick up and do at their convenience, or, occasionally, the volunteer goes to the client’s home.  This is a seasonal position, February through April.


Volunteers help clients shop for clothing, shoes or perhaps Christmas gifts for example and such trips include driving to the store, assistance in getting in and out and help with purchasing the items needed.  Grocery shopping assistance is also provided as well as help with other errands as requested.  Volunteers frequently take the same client shopping on a regular basis which benefits both client and volunteer’s schedules and often a new friendship is born.


Volunteers can donate time to assist with letter writing; packing and unpacking boxes for moving, organizing closets, pet walking; computer assistance and various other tasks clients can’t manage on their own.  Reasonable client requests are always taken under consideration and will be done depending on the availability of a volunteer.

It is SVSS policy that all prospective volunteers have a criminal record check completed following the interview process and every three years thereafter to ensure the safety of clients.

All volunteers are responsible to the Coordinator of Volunteers.

Training sessions and workshops are provided regularly to increase volunteer skills and promote communication.

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